MOMMY MAKEOVER SAN DIEGO – How To Choose The Best Surgeon

Are you flabby and out of shape after childbirth? Do you want to regain your slim and sexy figure you had in the past? Well, you will have to choose an expert Mommy makeover San Diego surgeon for that if you are resident of this city. Yes, with the Mommy Makeover plan, you will be able to regain the body you had before pregnancy or childbirth.

This aesthetic surgery involves going through step- by-step corrective procedures to restore the beauty and the healthy youthfulness of your body along with the body shape you had prior to childbirth. As a matter of fact, a Mommy Makeover San Diego Cosmetic plan includes three surgeries that would be done on your body by highly qualified and experienced surgeons. These surgeries generally include, inter alia, liposuction, breast augmentation surgery, and tummy tuck.

Why you need a Mommy makeover

After a woman gets pregnant, most women experience some sort of physical deformities that should be taken care of by a good Mommy Makeover plan. Such problems include:

Best Surgeon· Having loose skin about your hips and belly
· Unattractive saggy and drooping breasts
· Sometimes you may have darker areolas than usual
· Larger nipples which can make a woman’s breasts quite ugly
· Unwanted flab in other body parts

We all know that motherhood comes up with some fabulous rewards like having beautiful kids, getting a new title like ‘Mum” or “Mommy” and a lot more. You feel that your life as a wife and mother has become highly satisfying and enriching.

However, on the contrary, you also become aware of the unfavorable changes that have come over in your body. Yes, thanks to pregnancy and childbirth, your body now looks distorted, unshapely and flabby.
You suddenly realize that the slim and sexy body you had before childbirth is gone and there is a sense of desperation and urgency in you as you feel that you must do something about it.

Though going to the gym and doing a rigorous workout along with a strict diet may help, but surely you wouldn’t like an austere lifestyle in front of you when you are an attending mother with lots of responsibilities. Hence, it is obvious that few mothers would like to take that route. Besides, exercise can’t bring back everything into shape. No amount of exercise will be able to bring back to shape your sagging breasts!


However, a Mommy Makeover can restore the body you had before pregnancy and if you are living in and around San Diego, and looking for a surgeon to get back into shape, there is nothing like a Mommy makeover San Diego. For, there are high-tech hospitals and clinics in the city along with qualified surgeons to take care of your problems.


Do you qualify for a Mommy makeover procedure?

If you have stopped breastfeeding

After childbirth, breastfeeding is recommended by every doctor. Once your kid grows and he or she no longer requires your breast milk, you become a candidate for a Mommy Makeover. If you go for this surgical procedure while breastfeeding, you will not get the best results. For example, combining breastfeeding and breast cosmetic surgery like a breast lift isn’t feasible. Therefore, you are always advised to undergo the procedure after a year of childbirth.

You are required to maintain an ideal bodyweight

The surgical process, which is essentially geared towards helping you get your body back in proper shape, you should undergo the surgical procedure when you are having an ideal body weight. If you maintain a consistent body weight, you will get better results.

You are required to maintain a gap between your pregnancies

A Mommy Makeover procedure makes it imperative that if you are looking for a Mommy makeover, you should not be planning to have another kid in the near future. As soon as you feel that you are definitely an ideal candidate for a San Diego Mommy makeover right now, and absolutely ready to consult, you may drop into our office for a consultation with one of our top cosmetic surgeons, who is board-certified, and you will get the right information regarding each procedure, a cost estimate and all the queries you have will be listened to and answered by the specialists.


The procedures you may have to go through

Breast lift and enhancement

surgeon ukOur surgeons may recommend you to undergo breast augmentation to help you regain the firmness and shape you had earlier. Our Mommy makeover San Diego Center offers quite a bit of a variety, ranging from fat grafting to saline and silicone implants for the clients.

A breast lift is done to restore the shape of your breasts by making them appear tighter and firmer as well as changing the nipple position to make it look better. In our San Diego clinic, the ‘lollipop’ procedure has become quite popular. The name comes from the lollipop-shaped scar which forms after the operation. With the passage of time, and as you continue with treatment, the scar will gradually disappear.

The Tummy Tuck

Another body part that usually gets affected significantly by pregnancy is the belly. Your tummy gets stretched, you gain a lot of weight naturally and few women are fortunate enough to get back the shape they had before childbirth.

Thanks to this highly skilled surgical procedure, the loose skin of your tummy gets repaired, along with the overstretched muscles, and the excess fatty tissue is removed from the entire abdominal area. While undergoing the surgical procedure, the surgeons will be making an incision across your lower abdomen. Your clothing will be able to hide the scar that results from it, but with time, it will vanish completely.


This surgical procedure deals with the stubborn fatty deposits in your abdominal area or any other part of the body. It is less risky and one of the most common cosmetic surgeries done anywhere in the world today. Its impact generally lasts longer because the fatty cells which have been sucked out can hardly regenerate afterwards. This procedure sucks out the extra fat and leaves your body slim and trims like before.


Other procedures involved in a Mommy Makeover San Diego

Depending on the requirements of the candidates, other processes geared towards enhancing to enhance your youthful look, may be used. For example, Botox injections help in bringing back the youthful looks. Again, the surgeon may perform other cosmetic procedures on your body. Besides, extra cosmetic procedures may be carried out to restore the healthy and glowing nature of your skin.


Are there risks involved in the process?

Well, very serious risks following a cosmetic surgery are extremely rare. Besides, any other common problem related to the surgery is taken care of immediately by our in-house surgeons. The common risks of any surgery include bleeding, numbness, postoperative infection, scars and fluid retention. Our highly qualified surgeons having so many years experience in cosmetic surgery will be able to tackle any postoperative complications.


How does feel after a mommy makeover?

Often, the procedure gets completed in a single day, but it has to be done in series which may take several weeks or months with gaps in between. If you want to go for a combined procedure of both body contouring and breast lift, it may take time to complete the whole process.

After the surgical procedure, you may need help with the household chores for a week or two. This is because you are not allowed to do strenuous work and for you to recover fully, you would need several weeks.
But you should not be in a hurry to see the expected results. It may take about six months to one year, to see the complete effects of the Mommy Makeover procedure you have undergone.


What you may expect during a medical consultation

In all likelihood, your surgeon will explain all the minor and major aspects of the various surgical procedures that may be done upon you. You should also prepare a list of all the questions you may ask while visiting our offices. Also, you are allowed to ask any question even if it looks foolish apparently. This will clear all your lurking doubts and fears and help you to make an informed decision.


Why our plastic surgeons are the best options for patients in this area

Our San Diego Mommy makeover surgeons are highly qualified and they are all certified by the American Board of Surgeons.


How much will I have to pay for a Mommy makeover job?

The cost of a Mommy makeover procedure may vary, but for breast augmentation, liposuction, and the tummy tuck, the average cost comes to about $8000. This cost varies depending on the extent of surgery required and the different body areas that have to be taken care of. During the consultation, you will get all details of the costs involved and our preferred financing options to facilitate the whole process.


What will happen after the mommy makeover procedure?

As we have already mentioned, you will time to recover after the cosmetic procedure. You should get someone to help you with the household chores, may be a temporary maid, and also bring someone to look after your kids.
You may rest assured that after a Mommy makeover San Diego, you will recuperate quickly, and your self-confidence will also touch the sky once you have regained your desired body shape and sex appeal. If you need more information, you may call us for a free consultation.